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Home Maintenance Program
Have you changed the batteries in your smoke alarms this year?
How about changing out the filters for you Heating and A/C unit?
Have you taken measures to keep your household drains from getting clogged?
Are your "Honey-DOs" becoming "Honey-DON'Ts?"

These are tasks that you know you should do,
would like to do, plan to do, wish you knew how to do,
don't have anyone to do them for you,
so they never get done when they should get done.

SO... What should you do?

Let Us Do Them For You!

Scholl Company provides an annual maintenance program for ongoing upkeep of your home.  A regular maintenance program will make your home more energy efficient, cost effective, and provides you peace of mind.  A well maintained home saves you lots of money in deferred maintenance and shows "Pride of Ownership."

We come to your home, evaluate your needs and implement a customized program tailored specifically for your home at a very affordable price.  We are available after hours for working families with tight schedules.  Let us show you how easy it is to take care of your home.

Below is a sample list of some of the services offered through the annual maintenance program:

Changing out the batteries in your smoke alarms
Changing out the filters on your Heating and A/C unit
Run a cleanser through all your drains, clean window screens and fireplaces
Replace any broken standard electrical switch, plug, or faceplate
Install any necessary GFCI outlets where needed
Replace any standard door locks, handles or hinges
Replace any standard cabinet hardware
Install safety strapping for your water heater
Reset Lawn Sprinkler and Outdoor Lighting timers
Sub-Zero Freezer Vacuum
and more...

Basic Annual Maintenance Programs start as very reasonable rates.

A Basic Annual Maintenance Program includes:

Parts and Labor for the following are included.
Changing Out Smoke Alarm Batteries Once a Year (Up to 5 Smoke Alarms per Year)
Changing Out the Heating and A/C Filters Twice a Year (Up to 4  20"x25" Filters per Year)
Flushing Out of all Interior Drains Twice a Year
Replacement of Standard Wall Plugs Once a Year (Up to 5 Plugs per Year)
Replacement of Standard Light Switches Once a Year (Up to 5 Switches per Year)
Replacement of Standard Plug or Wall Switch Face Plates Once a Year (Up to 5 Plates per Year)
Installation of GFCI Plugs, Where Necessary, To Replace Existing Non-GFCI Plugs (Up to 3 GFCIs per Year)
Resetting Lawn Sprinkler Timers to Accommodate Seasonal Usage (Done 4 Times a Year)
Resetting Outdoor Lighting Timers to Accoummodate Seasonal Usage (Done 4 Times a Year)
--------------   PLUS   ---------------
Your Choice of the following:
One New Standard Locking Door Handle per Year, OR
Up to 5 New Standard Cabinet Knobs per Year, OR
Up to 5 New Standard Cabinet Handles per Year, OR
An Upgrade to Custom Plugs, Switches, and Face Plates From the Standard Used Above per Year.

Customized Maintenance Programs Are Available

Each annual program covers the cost of labor and some standard parts.  However, because each house and its hardware is unique, pricing will very from customer to customer and from house to house.  There is a charge for the use of non-standard, and custom parts when needed to conform to or update the current status of the home.  All pricing is stated ahead of time and is agreed to by both parties before implementation.

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