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Profit Thru Real Estate


In today's economy, no one can sit back and wait for things to get better.  We all must do what is necessary to generate income for our families and our future.  Scholl Company is proud to be of service to you in this area.

Scholl Company has put together a highly qualified team of professionals who, through cooperative efforts, help you to achieve the profitable goals you have set forth via real estate investments, commonly known as "House Flipping."  As any seasoned house flipper will tell you, it takes a team of good people to be able to efficiently flip a house successfully.  A quality team would require several business professionals, such as a General Contractor, a Realtor, a Lender, Escrow and Title Companies, a Project Manager, and the Investor, just to name a few.  Most investors who want to get into the "House Flipping" market typically are professionals in industries other than construction and real estate.  Their expertise is limited to the fields they work in.  The question then becomes, how to you put together a top notch team that you can trust and rely on to get the job done right.  The answer is, you don't!  Unless you are extremely familiar with the industries involved in house flipping, your biggest risk will be in hiring the right people to see your project through to the end.  It is hard enough these days to find a good, reputable contractor, or a well informed realtor, or even a lender who is current on all the changes in lending and government assistance programs.  Reduce your "Risk-Exposure" by calling on us to handle your house flipping needs.  Our team consists of seasoned professionals who all are highly regarded in their particular fields.  Each has been screened and interviewed to insure they meet the highest standards Scholl Company sets for it's partners.  Each team member is extremely successful in their own right and in their own field.  We are pleased to have assembled, what we believe, to be the best team available for your house flipping or home improvement needs.

Upon request, Scholl Company is happy to sit down with you and go over each team members background and credentials and show you how they fit into the overall plan to make you as much money as possible.  We will go over how the process works, the steps involved, what your reasonable expectations should be and then put together a business plan spelling out how we plan to achieve your particular goals.  In short, we are your One-Stop-Shop for house flipping.


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